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          學術報告:Superconducting cyclotrons for particle therapy and design considerations of high-intensity heavy-ion accelerator facility for rare isotope beam production

          2019/10/15 | 【 【打印】【關閉】 | 訪問次數:

          報告名稱:Superconducting cyclotrons for particle therapy and design considerations of high-intensity heavy-ion accelerator facility for rare isotope beam production

          報告時間:2019年10月29日9:30 AM

          報 告 人:Jongwo Kim, Rare Isotope Science Project, Institute for Basic Science, Korea



          Particle therapy utilizing proton and carbon ions has become a mainstream modality of radiation therapy for cancer patients. The cyclotron is a major medical accelerator especially in proton therapy and superconducting (sc-) compact and synchro cyclotrons have become commercially available in recent years. The first sc-cyclotron for proton therapy was constructed for PSI Switzerland, which was designed in early 2000’s by Accel Instruments together with the cyclotron group of Michigan State University. Some design details will be presented along with recent developments of compact sc-cyclotrons. When the PSI therapy cyclotron was commissioned, beam optics simulation and magnetic field calculations were confirmed to be reliable with beam measurement in the cyclotron.

          In addition to my previous works, design considerations of heavy-ion accelerator facility based on high-intensity sc-linac will be presented together with the progress of rare isotope science project (RISP) under way in Korea.


          Name: Jong-Won, Kim

          Birth Place: Busan, Korea

          Birth Date: June 12, 1964

          Nationality: Korea

            Jong-Won Kim.png 
          1. B.S. in Physics, Seoul National University, Korea 1986  
          2. M.S. in Nuclear Physics, Seoul National University, Korea, 1988  
          3. Ph.D in Accelerator Physics, Michigan State University, USA, 1994  
          Professional position  
          1. Postdoc, Physics Division, Argonne Nat’l Laboratory, USA, June 1994 - Oct. 1995  
          2. Researcher, Cyclotron Laboratory, RIKEN (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research), Japan, Nov. 1995 - May 2000  
          3. Physicist (Staff), NSCL/Cyclotron Lab., Michigan State University, Korea, June 2000 - March 2002  
          4. Consultant, ACCEL Instruments, Germany, Sep. 2001 - March 2002.  
          5. Principal Researcher, Medical Physicist, National Cancer Center, Korea, April 2002 - May 2012.  
          6. Visiting Scientist, Nuclear Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, USA, January 2010 - Apr. 2010.  
          7. Adjunct Professor, Department of Accelerator Science, Korea University, Sejong campus. Mar. 2015 – Feb. 2019  
          8. Research Fellow (Jan. 2017 - present), Team Leader of RI production system. Head of Accelerator and Experimental Systems Division, Institute for Basic Science, June 2012 – Jan. 2017  
          9. Chairperson, Division of Quantum Engineering and Nuclear Fusion, Korean Nuclear Society, Aug. 2018 - present 
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